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Change Boost

The digital age brings limitless opportunities. But for whom? Who needs humans anyway, when robots and computers work 24/7 without errors, without breaks and without whining?


But don’t despair. Future Now knows how humans can survive the challenges of the digitalization. Thanks to our exquisit stand up consulting your organization will surf the digital wave with lightness and grace.

With Change Boost your future turns into present, panic into motivation, paralysis into empowerment. Don’t wait for magic – get ready right now!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Strategy Pimping

You know exactly where you are heading to? You are ready to meet any challenge in the world? Well – we have our doubts. Sorry.


Our razor-sharp analysis will show you the hidden potential of your organization. We will change the way you look at your business forever. Get your custom strategy pimped now and reshape your future immediately!

The perfect fit for all sorts of management conferences. By the means of humor we will create an atmosphere, that encourages to involve, engage, exchange and cheerfully think out of the box.

Duration: 30 to 60 Minutes

Future Hack

The master program on how to change perspectives. Leave the trodden paths immediately. Both in thinking and action.


Step by step we guide you from the alleged firm ground of facts to the heaven of unimagined possibilities. Playful, to have fun. Hands on, to make it a profound experience. In this highly interactive workshop we create space for radically new ideas on how to shape the future of your business. This workshop builds on powerfull liberating structures.

A solution workshop for small and lange groups. Targeting your challenges. With the focus on implementation.

Duration: by demand


Stefan Stahl
Chief Enabling Officer

Stefan Stahl facilitates Workshops and playful Learning Events. For more than ten years he has applied methods from improvisation and theatre in various business contexts.

He has a Master of Arts in Linguistics from Zurich University. Having worked many years in the Consulting Industry and as a CRM-Manager for a major Swiss insurance company, he knows how to meet business needs.

He is dedicated to create not only fun, but long-term value for his customers. He is member of the Applied Improvisation Network.


Stefan Stahl

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Marco Zbinden
Chief Inspirational Officer

Marco Zbinden writes and directs business theater plays. Furthermore he designs communication trainings for organisations. As a graduate actor (ZHdK) he plays an active part in all formats.

Since 2013 Marco also works as a trainer for appearance and practical rhetoric.

In the last 15 years Marco has played in many theater productions in Germany and Switzerland and regularly appears on screen or in cine movies.

More information: firmenschauspiel.ch

Marco Zbinden

Voices from the past

“We would like to thank Future Now again for your input. Your program is highly refreshing, yet has still enough depth to inspire reflection. You provided us with the necessary far-sightedness for the future and you made sure our discussions at the aperitif were animated and rich. Thank you very much!”

Miriam Schaller, Marketing-Coordinator “Siemens Digitalization Days 2017”

Siemens Schweiz AG
Digital Factory & Process Industries and Drives

“The Future Now Consultants offer comedy with depth. Their exhilarating punchlines make economic issues easily accessible to everyone. They are serious – but not dead serious.”

Dr. Daniel von Arx, Head of Communication

Luzerner Kantonalbank, Kaderklausur

“The issue of implementing a new controlling mechanism isn’t exactly what you expect to be entertaining. But it was highly entertaining when framed by the Future Now Consultants. Their wit and humor created a good atmosphere, where we found us laughing about ourselves.”

Meret Stoppia, Head of HR of the SEM

Staatssekretariat für Migration (SEM), Kaderklausur

“The Future Now Consultants ask the questions that need to be asked. They are as adept in playing with words as our doctors are in handling their scalpels. The crescendo of their storytelling guarantees laughter. Briefly: A great duo.”

Andrea Rytz, Director, CEO

Schulthess Klinik, VIP-Anlass Neubau

“Future Now Consultants delivered refreshing impulses for our strategy retreat. With an intelligent sense of humour and the right amount of absurd lateral thinking they provided us with a valuable contrast to our strategic issues.”

Peter E. Naegeli, Präsident des Stiftungsrats

Vita Vorsorgestiftung, Retraite

“With their humorous wrap-ups of our programme elements the Future Now Consultants have inspired and activated our conference participants. They even came up with a song for our BVG-union on the spot. Unbelievable!”

Corin Ballhaus, for the OK “Jour Fixe – Yearly conference of entrepeneurs”

Verband Frauenunternehmen

“You entertained our deleguees with intelligent humour and challenged everyone to see the digitatlisation in a different light. We only received positive feedback from our members.”

Patrizia Mordini, Head of Equality, Zentralsekretariat


“Future Now – the comedian version of today’s business landscape. The Future Now Consultants create excellent punchlines with words and slides. Their inputs make you smile and reflect. A profitable investment in your business development – future included.”

Heinz Eberhard, President of the board of directors

Eberhard Unternehmungen, Kundenanlass

“Thanks to the Future Now Consultants our maternity is always well occupied, we created a medical historic theme park and a an in-house dating agency. But that’s not everything: They provided us with twenty minutes business comedy packed with hilarious punchlines. Our delegates and the hospital management were completely excited. There has never been a change that was so much fun.”

lic. iur. Rolf Gilgen, CEO
Head of Management

Spital Bülach, Delegiertenversammlung

“Our aprentas education forum was all about change processes in schools. Initially we were worried the subject would be too dry and determined. Not least thanks to Future Now Consultants this wasn’t the case at all. With eloquence and casual irony they supported the programme and drew lots of laughter from the audience.”

Martin Oppliger, Head of Public Relations

aprentas, Bildungsforum 2016

“Future Now Consultants delivered a succinct analysis of our strategy and recommended some major adjustments which were of spectacular absurdity. We will not follow their advice, but we had a real good laugh.”

Dr. Andreas Gattiker, CEO GZO Wetzikon

GZO Spital Wetzikon, Kaderessen


A small click for you, a big shift for your enterprise. 

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