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Stop talking! Start acting!

Whether you plan a strategy development, a culture change or a team event: Maximize your return on emotion with customized storytelling and directly implemented solutions. Highly participative, fully to the point and guaranteed unserious. Because heavy topics should be tackled with lightness.

Core Competencies

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There is a story behind every project. If the story is told well, it creates orientation and involves people emotionally. That’s how everyone can identify with the project and hence work together effectively.

Without compromise, we let your absurd working worlds collide with our absurd perspectives. With “Nonsense and Sensibility” we reflect what happens in the process. This is how we get to the bottom of your project’s story, find the right narrative tone and develop an effective dramaturgy.

Whether it’s a long-term strategy project or a one-off impulse: the narrative has to be right. Invest your good money in our very good advice. It’s worth it (see references).

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Standup Consulting

We prime. That means we make the ground fertile for your message. We involve people emotionally, we stimulate, we free the energy blocked in resistance or unwillingness.

How do we prime? With Standup Consulting. We bring the topics to the point in a humorous way (Standup). The basis for this is a serious analysis and an understanding of your situation, respectively your intentions (Consulting).

What we achieve: Inspiration, lightness and openness. With Standup Consulting your project gets a boost.

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Liberating Structures

The application of Liberating Structures enables teams and organizations to increase their ability to act within a very short time. Clearly structured interactions lead to better understanding, more trust and more ideas and allow to resort to the experience, intelligence and creativity of everyone.

We use Liberating Structures to develop dramaturgies that support a positive momentum and lead to first concrete results. We also help you to establish Liberating Structures as a practice in your company – be it to increase productivity for your meetings, in strategy work or to implement a new culture.

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Interactive Theater

We use interactive theater to open up and deepen discussions by making them tangible. We offer space for concrete solutions to communicatively challenging topics.

The participants are all involved. They develop solutions together and implement them directly as directors. We bring the inputs on stage as actors and moderate the process.

The playful approach makes it possible to try out ideas that would not have been thought of in a more classical setting and revise them immediately. Brainstorming has never been more fun.

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Theater Play

We write a custom-made play for you when your goal is to present your topics in a lively and emotional way that creates a lasting memory. Whether it’s customer orientation, compliance or a new strategy: With a tailor-made production, you can make a difference, even with very large groups.

And this is how we do it: We listen to you carefully, find the story that fits your message, write a pointed script, stage it with professional actors and present the story on stage according to all the rules of the art.

What remains? A great shared experience. A cheerful story in the heads. An energy that you will never achieve with PowerPoint presentations.

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Presenting Skills / Practical Rhetorics

Marco Zbinden makes you fit for a convincing appearance. In group workshops or individual coaching, he works on presence, body awareness, voice and breath, rhetoric, spatial perception and authenticity.

Exercises from the field of theater, individually tailored to each person, help to develop one’s own personality and to gain performance skills.

The exercises strengthen the perception of one’s own qualities and promote self-confidence in challenging situations. On this basis, it is possible to explore the individual communication potential and to express it convincingly.



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Marco Zbinden
Chief Inspirational Officer

Marco Zbinden specializes in developing emotionally involving workshops and events. His many years of experience as a certified actor (ZHdK), communication trainer, lecturer (PH Zurich) and business theater developer help him to find a coherent dramaturgy for any format.

Interactivity, change of perspective and humor are the core ingredients of his work. His goal is to approach even difficult topics with serious lightness.

Mehr Infos:

Marco Zbinden

Profil von Marco Zbinden auf LinkedIn anzeigen

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Stefan Stahl
Chief Enabling Officer

Stefan Stahl likes to ask uncomfortable questions, but always remains polite. He is looking for the balance between empathy and irritation, facts and sensitivities, contemplation and next steps. Humor is not really his thing – except involuntarily.

A German studies graduate, he has been doing business theater for 20 years. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in consulting and the insurance industry. In 2018, he organized the first Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop in Switzerland.

Stefan Stahl

Profil von Stefan Stahl auf LinkedIn anzeigen


Voices from the Past

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“They listen carefully and look closely. They grasp quickly, ask smart questions and draw the right conclusions. That’s how they were able to develop an unforgettable online event for us, despite a rather diffuse brief in the middle of the zoom-weary pandemic period. With a perfect mix of humor and depth, they succeeded in effectively anchoring our content and cultural messages among colleagues and creating motivation for the upcoming strategy development. The collaboration with Future Now was at all times professional, goal-oriented, constructive and at the same time always very, very funny. Very happy to return, definitely recommend.”

Kaja Hollstein, Head of Operations Services

Swissgrid AG
Marketplace 2021: Strategy Development

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“Creative, different from the usual and therefore inspiring, Future Now designed our online Easter event. The participants experienced the application of participative methods. This showed them that there is still a lot of untapped potential in the area of online collaboration. In the lively exchange, fun was not neglected either.”

Richard Tüscher, Member of the Board

Easter Event 2021

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“How do you increase awareness of the topic of self-organization among employees and people with leadership tasks? Selected Liberating Structures and the simulation and live design of everyday situations led to a very concrete learning experience. Future Now provided us with committed and inspiring support during the design and implementation.”

Thomas Meier, Agile Coach der SBB

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
IT Ausbildungscamp 2019: Self organization – why?

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“How can EFQM be presented in a more catchy, realistic and humorous way than you two have done? No idea! Your EFQM medley is still ringing in our ears. Thank you very much for your performance at our School Development Forum.”

Nicola Pieper, Leiterin Schulentwicklung

Careum AG Bildungszentrum für Gesundheitsberufe
Schulentwicklungs-Forum 2018: EFQM im Alltag

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“With your acting, you not only ensured a good atmosphere, but also contributed to the success of the event in a special way. Through your creative, intelligently humorous contributions, you gave us impulses of a different kind and showed us all new ways of thinking and, above all, living the topic of strategy development.”

Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Board
Valerie Holsboer, Member of the Board
Raimund Becker, Member of the Board

Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Deutschland
Führungskongress 2018: Massgeschneidertes Business Kabarett

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“Innovative, creative, fast and agile to the goal. Definitely recommendable!”

Dr. Peter Nebiker, Leiter Building Technologies Region Zürich

Siemens Schweiz AG
Marktkonferenz Region Zürich: Change Boost und Workshop

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“A productive afternoon without a soup coma – thanks to a unique mix of perspective change, reflection, exchange and humor. The result: more courage, greater understanding for each other and measures that can be implemented quickly.”

Dr. Thomas Ruprecht, Direktor

Schulungs- und Arbeitszentrum für Behinderte (SAZ), Burgdorf
Entwicklungstag 2018

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“We would like to thank you again for the Future Now performances. Your program is refreshing and yet had enough depth to make us think. You gave the necessary foresight for the future and provided for exciting and inspiring conversations at the aperitif afterwards. Thank you!”

Miriam Schaller, Marketing-Koordinatorin “Siemens Digitalization Days 2017”

Siemens Schweiz AG
Digital Factory & Process Industries and Drives

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“The Future Now Consultants offer comedy with depth. Their punchlines provide an exhilarating approach to business topics. Future Now is serious – but not deadly serious!”

Dr. Daniel von Arx, Leiter Kommunikation

Luzerner Kantonalbank, Kaderklausur

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“The Future Now Consultants managed to put the somewhat dry and less spectacular seeming topic of ‘office controlling’ into a witty, entertaining framework thanks to humor and a lot of wit. The input clearly contributed to the good mood at our management retreat by allowing us to laugh heartily at ourselves.”

Meret Stoppia, Chefin HR des SEM

Staatssekretariat für Migration (SEM), Kaderklausur

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“They get involved with a company and ask the questions that need to be asked. They skillfully juggle the German language like our doctors do with a scalpel. The crescendo of their storytelling guarantees many laughs. In short: a great duo.”

Andrea Rytz, Direktorin, CEO

Schulthess Klinik, VIP-Anlass Neubau

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“Future Now refreshed, activated and challenged us at our strategy retreat. With situationally appropriate lateral thinking, intelligent humor and a dash of absurdity, the team was able to provide a valuable contrast to the strategy topics discussed at the retreat. Not only did new insights emerge from this, but also one or two new ideas.”

Peter E. Naegeli, Präsident des Stiftungsrats

Vita Vorsorgestiftung, Retraite

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“With the humorous wrap-ups of our program elements, the Future Now Consultants inspired and activated the conference participants. Quite spontaneously, they even came up with their own song about our pension fund solution. Ingenious!”

Corin Ballhaus, für das OK “Jour Fixe – Jahrestagung der Unternehmerinnen”

Verband Frauenunternehmen

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“They entertained our delegates with intelligent humor and challenged ALL to think differently about digitization. The feedback from the members was positive throughout.”

Patrizia Mordini, Leiterin Gleichstellung, Zentralsekretariat


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“Future Now – the standup interpretation of today’s business landscape. Both in words and pictures excellently presented, with many punchlines to make you smile and think. A worthwhile investment for corporate development – future included.”

Heinz Eberhard, Verwaltungsratspräsident

Eberhard Unternehmungen, Kundenanlass

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“Not only do we have the Future Now Consultants to thank for a more balanced occupancy rate in our maternity unit, the medical history theme park and an in-house dating agency, but also twenty punchy minutes on the way from special-purpose association to stock corporation. Delegates and hospital management were completely enthusiastic. Never before has a change been so much fun for us.”

lic. iur. Rolf Gilgen, CEO
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung

Spital Bülach, Delegiertenversammlung

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“Our aprentas education forum was about change processes in schools. We had feared that this would be too dry or too dogged.
Thanks in no small part to the Future Now Consultants, however, this was not an issue. They supported the program with eloquence and casual irony, eliciting numerous laughs from the audience.”

Martin Oppliger, Leiter Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

aprentas, Bildungsforum 2016

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“The Future Now Research Lab has analyzed our hospital as hard as nails and proposed a spectacularly absurd change in strategy. We will not implement it – but we laughed a lot.”

Dr. Andreas Gattiker, CEO GZO Wetzikon

GZO Spital Wetzikon, Kaderessen




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