“Finally, the meaning of EFQM has become clear to me.”

“I wouldn’t have thought that such a dry topic could be so much fun.” 

Careum AG, Schulentwicklungsforum

Create Common Unterstanding and Commitment

The EFQM model – that’s 30 pages of small print with the charm of an instruction manual. Unfortunately, no one is interested in the fact that the model is equally suitable for washing machine manufacturers, schools or pig farms. So how can management get employees excited about an EFQM assessment? The abstract artwork of painter Piet Mondrian provided us with the key to breathe life into the abstract EFQM model. All at once it was clear to everyone that the assessment asks the very questions that are on everyone’s mind: What is good teaching? What is a good school? And what can I personally contribute to it? Suddenly EFQM became applicable in everyday life.

“How can EFQM be presented in a more catchy, realistic and humorous way than you two have done? Not at all! Your EFQM medley is still stuck in our ears. Thank you very much!”

_ Nicola Pieper, Leiterin Schulentwicklung