“World class!”

“Cool that our leadership dared to do something so modern.”

“You guys have really worked your way in. I finally understood why this new system is needed.”

Polizei Basel-Landschaft

Creating Momentum for Cultural Change

Who had more reservations at the beginning? The BL police or Future Now? They wondered: should we really entrust “actors” with the most important cause of our cultural transformation? Us: Can this be fun? The courage to risk this unusual collaboration was well worth it for both sides. Central to the success was to reflect the mood, culture and language of everyday police life so accurately in the core value scenes that the participants really recognised themselves in them.

“Targeted, authentic and with the necessary touch of humour. Future Now was an enrichment for our management workshop and clearly showed us where our potential lies so that we can further improve our company culture in the future.”
_ Gilbert Rychen, Captain, Head of Training and Development