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By 27. Mai 2019Februar 20th, 2024No Comments

In many organizations strategic planning practices exclude diverse voices, over-control people, and stifle ambition. Traditional methods may lead to an impressive document which soon gets forgotten on a hard drive, obsolete in a matter of months. Strategy Knotworking offers a liberated, inclusive approach to shaping the future while creatively adapting in the moment.

Nancy White, an experienced Liberating Structures Maestro, will lead us through a learning Session on the emerging practice of Strategic Knotworking. Knotworking is both a set of Liberating Structures “strung” together to support strategic planning, and it provides a set of principles and opens a new way to work in complex contexts. It helps us to understand why we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with situations or decisions. As a basis for working agreements, it supports day to day decision making and as a practice it establishes a deeper understanding of the Liberating Structure, Ecocycle.

We plan to work on a real project. (If you have a project you would like to get a free-of-charge consulting session for, let us know.) Participants will have time to think about their own projects as well.

Nancy will be supported by members of the local LS community.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge and practice of Liberating Structures. You are welcome to join us for an informal social gathering after the workshop.


Nancy White, Seattle, is one of a group of LS practitioners helping develop the emerging practice Strategy Knotworking. Nancy is thinking in, out, around, and beside the box. Her practice has spanned being a pioneer of both face to face and „online facilitation“ — group facilitation for distributed environments and co-author of Digital Habitats: Stewarding technology for Communities with Etienne Wenger and John D. Smith. Her wide focus includes distributed work, strategic planning, social learning, communities and networks. Oh, and CHOCOLATE!